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WDL Finals

World Data League

The quest to
find the best data scientists by solving social impact

First Edition
April to July 2021
Data science for social impact

NetworkingGet to know companies and fellow data scientists.

1 Grand FinaleBe one of the top-10 teams to compete in the Finals.

LearningParticipate in technical

4 StagesSolve a new challenge every 2 weeks and see the leaderboard change.

PrizesAim high and take home the big
one - prize pool is 15.000€.

Social ProblemsUse data to solve real-world problems with social impact.

This Season’s Topic

Data-Driven Cities

According to the UN, 68% of the world population is projected to live in urban areas by 2050. With ever growing cities, new challenges arise associated with population growth - but also a lot of interesting potential solutions.

We want to join in helping to achieve the 11th UN Sustainable Goal - Sustainable Cities and Communities. All of the problems and datasets will be provided by entities related to “Data-Driven Cities”.
This season's topic of World Data League is Data-Driven cities


We are a league for data scientists
4.000 €
7.000 €
1.500 €

Other Prizes

Each finalist team
Side activities
Winner of each stage
100 €
500 €

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